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Hi, I am Perri Chase and I am the creatrix and founder of a guided self-stroking meditation called SXBMB™️.

In January of 2020 I said to my teacher, Nicole Daedone, (founder of Orgasmic Meditation or OM), that I thought I had “figured out” how to teach awakening without p*ssy. (laugh with me)

See, I swear it chose me to teach because the egoic part of me wanted no part of it.  I did not say "I want to teach p*ssy stroking when I grow up!" not to mention all that comes with embodying this kind of energy in the world. It chose me. This whole path chose me.

A few short month later I created SXBMB™️ as a modality. A guided self-stroking meditation that incorporates foundational philosophical components of Orgasmic Meditation with my own energetic signature, added elements, and style. I of course did this with Nicole’s blessing and in full connection.

Over the last nearly four years the practice has slowly and steadily grown and deepened and evolved.
The messages I receive about the way this has changed women’s lives have touched me so deeply.
These messages share a theme of “I feel returned to myself”.

When I first started SXBMB™️ it was a supplement to Devotion, my program that teaches the principles of energetic laws and mastery. What I wanted to be careful about was not using a “pleasure” practice to entice people like I see often in the feminine embodiment space.
I wanted people to work with p*ssy and learn how to be responsible for the level of energy that SHE offers us.
Other than the occasional class SXBMB™️ was exclusive to Devotion.

Last September I offered a week long immersion called PSSY as an introduction to the practice, the intention, philosophy, and guided some basic practices. Over 700 women have taken this class and have had deep and profound experiences.

In the last year we had the first in person group SXBMB™️ first at the smaller retreats and then we had 125 women participate in SXBMB™️ live at Lineage. The healing and transformation possible in this connection as women is nearly indescribable.

Recently it became clear to me that SXBMB™️ is not a supplement.
It is the core to all my work.
Every program, every teaching.
And I realized that it requires its own program and dedicated calls with me leading practices regularly that focus on SXBMB™️ and just SXBMB™️.

I think this will also be appealing to people who are not called to or ready for the spiritual teachings, but wish to cultivate a deep relationship with their body, p*ssy and connection to self.

So with that, I am teaching a free SXBMB™️ class next Thursday, November 2 and we will kick off the opening of the SXBMB™️ Membership.

What does SXBMB™️ entail?

SXBMB is a solo stroking practice that is facilitated as a guided meditation online where you practice in the privacy of your own home.

The focus of the stroking is specifically on the clitoris, which has 8000 nerve endings. 


The practice ranges from 20-25 minutes. Breath is an important part of any somatic or embodiment practice.  We add varied breath and sound expressions as part of the practice. No two SXBMBs are the same.


We weave in a number of Alchemical components to the practice to help bridge the gap between your p*ssy and your life. We might bring in patterns or have you reflect on a particular energetic while you are stroking. 

Why do we practice SXBMB™️?

In the practice of SXBMB, a core purpose is to build range of the nervous system. This translates into being able to hold one's triggers and sensation of situations out in the world. It trains us to be responsible for holding our nervous system in high sensation. This results in Freedom. The Freedom to be with what is.


We practice opening, softening into our bodies, receiving self-touch. This aids in a melting of our protective layers and patterns we are stuck behind in our day to day life. This also serves to release trauma and alchemize old pain. This also expands our range by clearing out our buffer zones.


SXBMB aids in the visceral understanding of Truth. By connecting deeply with our life force energy, listening to our body, we wake up our embodied knowing. This kind of knowing transcends the mind  creating more rightness within ourselves, relationships and how we walk through the world.

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